Boulder Views


Being a photographer and going to Boulder is kind of a nightmare and also the greatest thing ever. Nightmare because I have to pull over to the side of the road constantly because you see some views that you just never see anywhere else. I don’t think I need to mention much about why it is one of the greatest places to take photos. The views are nothing short of incredible here. I always laugh whenever I mention the great landscape and scenery to a friend that lives here. They always respond with something like “yea its pretty cool I guess.” You guess? Man, you need to get out of town for awhile if the views of this place don’t consistently make you freak out every time you leave your house. It looks beautiful year round up here but my personal favorite is during the winter time. Seeing the snow on the Flatirons looks Game of Thrones like. Just doesn’t seem real to me when I head up here.




I think it’s funny how you have something so beautiful like this rainbow arcing across the sky, and right beneath it is a scummy warehouse building. The weird thing about this though is that every time it rains or looks like it is going to rain, I always see a rainbow over the building. So I’m not really sure what the deal is with that. Maybe something magical is going on in there and I am too busy judging the building. Who knows.



Here is another photo I took down on the Platte River. It was insanely high on this day since it had been raining for a week almost. The bike path is next to this and the water was only a foot or less underneath it. It was also running pretty fast in this area. Very underrated thing to do in my opinion is to just walk the bike path at night during the sunset. It was relaxing and they have benches set up everywhere. Be weary of mosquitos however… I got destroyed. Worth it in my opinion.



These are all over the place in Morrison. They look amazing when they are in a long row like the second picture here. I think I said this in a previous post already but I will say it again. The giant rocks are not the only cool thing you will see in Morrison/Red Rocks. If you take the time to look around, the scenery around you is incredible. Such as the view you see in the distance when you get to the top. The sunflowers  are scattered around everywhere, the wildlife roaming, and more. There is a reason a ton of my photos from this blog are in the same location. There is just so much to see up here, you always find something new to look at.



This has to be in the top 3 of best music venues in the world. There shouldnt be any debate about that. Watching a concert up here is one of the coolest things ever. The way the venue is set up with the stars all going down, the crowd looks amazing. It must look even more amazing to those playing on the stage. The view is incredible and lets you see for miles away in the distance. You can’t see it in my photo here, but more towards the left you can actually see the Denver skyline.

On the Road Again

ontheroadbig rock

The drive is one of the coolest parts of the Red Rocks experience I think. When you turn that first corner that goes from town, into one of the entrances of the park, you immediately see all these massive rocks. The road starts from the bottom and slowly starts winding up, leading you to one of the main lots or all the way up to the top parking lot. I remember I didn’t even think that top parking lot existed for awhile so I would have to hike the entire way every time. I assumed the road just led to other parking lots for some reason…



Right before I took this picture, the family that is in front of me walked past. The kid with them looked about 11 or 12 and was absolutely miserable to be here. I thought it was hilarious because it totally reminded me of being a kid and hating hiking. It was hot outside and hiking around up here is pretty difficult since you aren’t just exercising. You are also dealing with thin air due to the elevation. So the poor kid was wheezing and dragging his feet along and I totally sympathized with him. So much so that I turned around and got in my car to drive to the top…. I was not about to do what his family was in the process of doing. Not to say hiking around here isn’t awesome or whatever, because it totally is. Just not that day when it was 90 outside.