Right before I took this picture, the family that is in front of me walked past. The kid with them looked about 11 or 12 and was absolutely miserable to be here. I thought it was hilarious because it totally reminded me of being a kid and hating hiking. It was hot outside and hiking around up here is pretty difficult since you aren’t just exercising. You are also dealing with thin air due to the elevation. So the poor kid was wheezing and dragging his feet along and I totally sympathized with him. So much so that I turned around and got in my car to drive to the top…. I was not about to do what his family was in the process of doing. Not to say hiking around here isn’t awesome or whatever, because it totally is. Just not that day when it was 90 outside.



I always think its crazy how you don’t have to go that far out of the city before you start seeing bugs and animals you would never see where you live. Red Rocks is probably 15 minutes from my apartment, where everything around me is concrete and urban, landscape wise. Once you get to Morrison however, you start seeing things you would NEVER see in the city. Like this giant bug. I was just walking around on the road when I saw this guy trying to cross the street. A van was approaching in the distance so I scooted him along. Other times I’ve been to Red Rocks I have seen foxes, racoons, deer, and more. Would not be surprised if they had bears hanging out in that area also..

Trailer Park


I love finding weird shit like this. If I ever end up being forced to live in a trailer, this would be the place where I set up. All because of the sign. I just think it is weirdly hilarious having a trailer park with an alien abduction sort of theme going. Unfortunately I did not see Ricky, Julian, or Bubbles around (Trailer Park Boys reference) but I still thought it was neat seeing this place. In all seriousness it actually doesn’t look so bad right? You have some trees and other nice scenery to live around, there is also a few bars across the road. Could be worse I guess.

Auto Parts


There’s this auto shop down the road from where I live that I always thought looked pretty interesting. Behind this store they have a huge junk yard full of old cars that are deteriorating and piles of sheet metal laying around. The store looks like something you’d see in the 50s which is why I stopped to take pictures. You don’t see stuff like this that often anymore. At least where I’m from anyway. I would’ve gone into the junk yard also but it had this massive warning sign. Since I value my life, I decided it probably wasn’t a great idea to go wandering back there. Anyway, they also had this cool looking truck out front. They had a few of these out there which I thought was neat, but this one still had that aged look to it while the others clearly were modified and repainted. I like the old school one better.

Bike Path


I went down by the bike path yesterday just to see if there were any cool things to take a picture of. My timing was pretty good with the sunset and everything. This river is the South Platte for those unfamiliar with the area. I took this right over in Littleton at around 7 p.m. One kind of crazy thing I saw while I was checking this out was seeing a family of raccoons swimming around in the river. I tried to get a picture of that but those did not turn out so well. Pretty ridiculous, couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Old Town


Here is part of the strip of a couple stores/bars in Morrison. One thing I haven’t really talked about surprisingly, is the view behind the town. The rock formations of this area are obviously incredible, considering you are at the foot of Red Rocks Amphitheater. This has always been one of the coolest areas in Colorado in my opinion. I would argue and say that Red Rocks is the best venue on the planet to see a concert and I think my argument would be a sound one. If there is one touristy thing I always do with my friends from out of state, it is to take them to Morrison and then all the way up to the top of Red Rocks. A cool experience every time that I am still yet to get tired of.



Another old timey looking building in Morrison. Like that liquor store I took a picture of, both of these buildings give you that awesome wild west vibe. I almost wish they would have never added the more normal looking buildings around these. They should have stuck with the wild west theme to make the town more fun. It is kind of cool however to see the comparison architecturally and how things have changed I guess. Morrison really does remind me of some western movie little town. It is literally just a street and that is pretty much it. For just being one street though, this is still such a cool place to check out and maybe stop for breakfast or something. It is perfect to stop in right before you head up to Red Rocks for a concert, or maybe just a hike etc. I wonder if they ever had a duel in the middle of the street back in the day? Maybe i’ve just seen too many movies…